Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 1

O geez, April 1 has arrived. I remember back in November thinking just how far away it felt but now it is literally at my doorstep. For most people April 1 is just another day; the start of a new month, the secondary unofficial start to Spring, or just April Fools Day, but for me and countless other high school seniors, it's decision day. So far I've heard back from three of my seven schools and it's been good news so far; I've gotten into UVA, Georgetown and George Mason but the rest of my schools will post their decisions tomorrow.

So how does one celebrate such a day? Well, for me and a select group of friends, we have a massive Chinese Food party. It started last year when four of us got together when i offered to cook some authentic Chinese food for them and we ended up having a great time. Well, word spread about last year's festivities so this year it's been expanded. It should be fun, it's just a lunch get together at a friend's house and we cook and eat and hang out on a day that most people would be freaking out on.

Stress free? Yes, please.

Spring break is half over now :( I've been terribly lazy thus far and I've been so unproductive it's kinda sad but whatever. The procrastination monster was bound to hit and it has. I should get some work done so I don't get swamped this weekend so I better get a move on I guess. Real World D.C. has now ended so i guess that's one less distraction for me, I'll miss that show, it was such a guilty pleasure for me but it really did steal so much of my time on Wednesdays, but that's over now.

So, I'm on the cusp now, college is fast approaching, decisions are arriving, and Spring break has tipped over the half way point. What a time of change, no?

Talk to you guys soon,


Friday, March 26, 2010

UVA, Regatta #1 and Spring Break!!

I got into UVA!! This is my second college acceptance and it's to my top regional school! They released the results online and since I was going to be at crew practice, I gave my friend my login and password so she could check my results for me when the time came around and text me the result. When I got the text, I jumped up and did an in-air 360 degree spin and then ran around in a circle cheering two times before finally calming down. Excessive? Maybe, but worth every stare? Hell Yes.

In crew news, we have our first regatta tomorrow. It's only for upper (varsity) boats so that way the novices can watch an actual race before they too participate in their first regatta along with us next week. The varsity guys will be racing two boats, a first 8 and a second 8. I'm going to be in the second 8 in 2 seat towards the bow this time. I just got back from carboloading and 5 intense rounds of air hockey at our first pre-regatta pasta party so I've successfully tired myself out enough so that I will sleep well tonight in preparation for tomorrow. I have to be at the boat house at 8:30 tomorrow morning so I have to get up early which is the only bad part. With all this positive energy, I hope we will do well.

Finally, I'm officially on Spring Break. Normally, my parents and I would travel down to our Florida home for the week but, this is Senior year, and that means college letters. Because I wanted to stay home, my parents and I decided that they would take my aunt and uncle down to Florida and take them sightseeing. They're leaving tomorrow so I'll be home to take care of Max, our dog and my grandpa. A few of my colleges said they will be posting decisions online but many others will be doing it only by mail. So, if you're looking for me, I'll be in the tent by the mail box. I plan to have plenty of relaxation time and time out with friends however so I plan to really enjoy my final high school Spring Break.

Such a great start to what hopefully will be a great week and a half.

All the best,


Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Matt,

You're unhealthy for me. You constantly plague my mind at all hours of the day, your step, your laugh, your everything. I shouldn't be preoccupied with something that I can't even have especially at a time like this. I shouldn't care whether you gave me a passing glace in the hall or whether we agree that the girls who sit by us in French really are crazy. There are more important things in life.

Sure, you find a way to work your way into my dreams, my refuge from the real world, and there you wreak havoc through a tender kiss or just holding me in your arms, but that too is just a mirage. You know I look forward to the next time you play a lead role in those delightful nightmares, and I'm sick of it.

You're causing more trouble than good. I've promised in the past that I would get over you, that you're just a phase. Maybe things will finally get better once college rolls around and we're forced apart. If that's what it takes, so be it. Until then, you're like a drug to me, I may need you now, but I won't be addicted to you forever. You will not control my life.

I'm stronger than that.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Thought 1: "Whoops, I really effed that up."

Thought 2: "Tell me how calculus will benefit me in any realistic way in the future again?"

Thought 3: "Wow, that's one bad grade"

Thought 4: "I wonder how many tests are left this quarter."

So I failed. And I mean epic failed. I got back a calculus test I took a few weeks back today, and while I did not expect to do well, I didn't expect to get a 37% on it. It turns out a big chunk of my class didn't exactly perform up to par this round and I was no exception. Not to sound pompous, but considering I don't even remember the last time I failed a test, this was quite a slap on the forehead V8 Juice advert-style for me.
Weird thing is, I wasn't terribly upset like I expected myself to be. Maybe it's because I expected to not do so well from the onset, maybe senioritis is really influencing my "do I care?" sense, or maybe it's because it just hasn't sunken in yet, but for now, I'm trying to take things in stride.

I'm thinking of trying to view this as a learning opportunity. Failure in moderation could be a good thing; it keeps one in line, from getting too high strung and cocky. Also, you find out what you need to work on in a hurry, so that next time you won't make the same mistake again.
So, you know what, I failed; and this time, I won't let it get me down.

Anyways, 20 years from now, will I really care about how I did on one high school Calc test?

Enjoy the rest of your week,


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liar, Liar

The idea of psychological and ethical egoism states that we as humans are all naturally self-serving and generally unconcerned for the welfare of others. If this were true, it implies that any true acts of charity or selflessness could be simply acts attributed to guilt and a need for repentance or due to the pressures of society to conform and put on the face of moral riotousness.

Sounds pessimistic, doesn't it? Well, I'm not a subscriber to this set of beliefs but I will play the devil's advocate for just a moment because a belief of mine that I've held for a few months might have just been confirmed.

Most people have probably heard of the relatively recent waves of Toyota recalls that have dealt a hard hit to the company's sterling reputation for quality. The problems of sudden acceleration, faulty floor mats, steering problems and braking software issues became all the news would seem to cover for quite some time. When this news first came out, I was just as concerned as anyone, we own two Toyota products (none covered by the recall however) and could only imagine the damage this was going to do. As recall after recall rolled in and the news continued to jump on any tiny issue a Toyota developed, I began to notice a trend. You see, the news and it's watchers love numbers and there was one particular trend which caught my eye. Whenever CNN or NBC or whoever announced some problem with "X" number of complaints in the evening, the next morning, suddenly that number is 20x bigger than it was the night before. Suddenly, many more consumers suddenly have the same complaint. Maybe I was just in a negative mood that day but I remember thinking, "I wonder how many of those complaints are just the plans of selfish bastards trying to make a couple thousand off a troubled corporation?" That thought, however cursory at the time, stuck.

That thought perplexes me to this very day, I mean, how many people really would lie about something as serious as their car going out of control so they can make a few bucks. My belief? Many, there isn't to exact number, but many. All the ingredients are there, the economic recession has made people more desperate to find some source of money, big corporations are increasing made to look like the world's biggest evils, and they just happen to have a car that fits the description of such a recall. It would seem then that some, extra desperate or simply morally corrupt individuals would readily pounce on such a true golden opportunity.

The beauty of the plan is that those who do file a complaint are almost completely safe in terms of just telling their story as is. It can be as elaborate as they want and the government will listen. Big Bucks Car Company can't do anything about it either for the most part, sure a playground type dispute between two parties could be solved with a simple "prove it", but if Big Bucks Car Co. tried this, all hell would break loose as the Big Business bully is now picking on the little guy and making him or her cry.

So, what's big business supposed to do in the mean time as complaints continue to pile up? Hope and Pray that something comes up that will finally work in their favour, and for Toyota, this may have just arrived. According to recent news a man who had claimed to have been in a runaway Prius, reaching 94 mph on a San Diego highway (is that even possible in San Diego?) had called 911 and spent 23 minutes on hard braking, being afraid of shifting into neutral and before coming to a stop, may have lied about the entire thing. Apparently, a joint investigation by Toyota and NHTSA found that his story could not be replicated and that brake wear patterns did not match up with his story.

This is where things link back up with the initial claim. Are we as humans motivated by self interest and greed? Well, according to the wife of the man involved, the answer is "no". Money and publicity were not a goal of this media frenzy, that the couple has even received death threats (yes, the death threat card), and that their lives have been ruined because of this incident.

So, how should this whole debacle be interpreted?Well, I've held my beliefs from the start that one day someone would eventually be caught in the act of lying and that day might have come. Have I lost all hope for humanity? No. If anything, this incident just goes to show that karma can be a bitch if you don't proceed with caution. I'm all for the little guy, but by planning to study business, I realized that sometimes the little guy doesn't win, and rather, just like in the playground reference earlier, the little guy just gets his @$$ kicked.

Wasn't that such an uplifting story? haha. Well, just some food for thought. I haven't really delved much into my personal life in quite a while so I'd thought I'd provide a few updates. First, my posting regularity has gone down quite bit, it has to do with me becoming more busy with homework and now on-the-water crew practice and feeling less of an obligation to post quite as regularly for now. Hopefully things will pick up again in the future however and the blog world as a whole will liven up again as the Northern Hemisphere at least sees Spring get into the swing of things. I recently had another 2K and set a new personal record of 7:30.2 which I'm more than happy with. Hopefully I'll break the 7:30 mark if there is one more this season, that would be very exciting. Finally, it's only two more weeks until college letters start coming in!! I'm excited yet terrified since I have no idea how things will pan out, but hopefully it will be for the better *fingers crossed*

Alright, that's all for now folks.

All the best,


Thursday, March 4, 2010

D.C. Showing Love for Gays

It's official, Washington D.C. officially legalized gay marriage on Wednesday!

This is fantastic news since the seat of the nation's government now joins the exclusive club of gay marriagedom whose members include Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire and the Coquille Indian Tribe in Oregon (Bet you haven't heard of that one before). Hopefully if gay marriage can be legalized in a place as important and symbolic as D.C., it means that the rest of the United States will finally make some progress and follow suit.

read more here

All the best,


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Vitruvian Man

Weird stuff today. So Journalism is often an hour and a half split between actual working and chatting/gossip and weird things can come up in conversation, but today a new record was set in bizarreness and with Matt of all people. What's weird is, despite having his quirks, he is usually one of the most grounded of my friends so this whole episode is kind of out of his nature.

To be honest, I still don't know what to make of the very brief conversation I had with him today so I kinda want your guy's help in interpreting what he might be saying.

*me, working at the computer*

Matt: *taps me on shoulder*, Hey, JP

Me: Hey

Matt: *holds photo of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man in front of me* What would you say if I told you this is what I want?

Me: Umm, I don't know, what are you trying to say?

Matt: *flustered* Ummm, I mean, like... *blumbers off about his article in the sports section eventually linking it to the picture of one of my school's top swimmers whose photo is on his spread*
Me: Um, I'm still lost so what does this have to do with Da Vinci's drawing?

Matt: Well, it's to show Erin (fellow B-manager) what I mean about the photo of Jack (swimmer in his spread) and how he's posed.

Me: Um, okay... (He never had even talked to Erin today prior to this so I have idea where she came into this)

Matt: um, so yeah...*leaves, end convo*

Later when I tried to talk about to him about that weird conversation with him, he insisted in the Erin-story and changes or avoids the subject soon after.

So I'm really confused as to what happened in that one minute conversation of ours. Was he trying to pass along some message? How often does someone randomly hold a picture of a naked man in front of you and say "what would you say if I told you this is what I want?" Maybe it's just me but was he trying to imply something?
I hate being confused

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The World's Sexiest Man?

If you had to chose who would be the world's sexiest man, who would it be? People Magazine's two time winner Brad Pitt? Johnny Depp? What about someone outside of Hollywood altogether like that mysterious guy at work or school, the one who never really talks but who is also someone you just can't stop and look at whenever you get the chance.

The word sexy itself dates back to 1925 and it's definition according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is

1 : sexually suggestive or stimulating : erotic
2 : generally attractive or interesting : appealing

But what does it take to be attractive, interesting, or appealing? Well, looks alone don't a sexy man make, actually, it's a combination of factors. For me, charm, talent, personality and looks all play a role. For me, the sexiest man of our time would have to be Canadian singer/songwriter Michael Bublé.

So why him? Well, he possesses all the qualities I personally look for when considering how sexy someone is. First, he's pretty good looking in my opinion. He might not be jaw droppingly gorgeous, but he definitely has some alluring qualities, I think it's probably his eyes which stand out most for me, soft but tempting at the same time.

Next, he's got charm. Maybe it's because he's a singer, but he's quite a charming individual in real life. This probably explains why he has such a broad fan base. I'm not speaking from personal experience of course but he's be consistently lauded for being really down to earth and friendly, and I applaud him for that.

Talent is the final factor. there are a lot of guys in this world who can sing, but he definitely has a unique voice. It's kinda old fashioned band-band like but also modern at the same time. Same can be said of his music, it isn't ultra modern but there is lot of influences from the past and from the present. He's the perfect balance then in my eyes, classiness from a bygone era while still thoroughly modern.

And if you haven't heard any of his music, here's one of his recent singles.

No offence Mr. Pitt or whoever else out there, but you're not really my cup of tea.

So who would you choose for you sexiest man of the year award?

All the best,