Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prom, Rain, Senior Year Classes and Frustrating Things

Hey, Well it's Thursday and another week is also through. Tomorrow is prom day and pretty much it can be expected for the entire senior class to be out along with probably half the junior class as well. A few of my friends are going this year which is cool. I plan to go to prom next year during my senior year, hopefully I'll have a date by then haha. Anyways, As teh school year is wrapping up final exams and teachers rushing to cram in everything they forgot to teach during the year into the last two weeks of school. Next Saturday is also the day of SAT II's for me, I really just want to get those over with. I'm still conflicte don some classes next year, I can't decide between Calculus AB or BC, honestly my love of math has gone way down since the year began, I used to absolutely love math, now, not so much, partially teh material, mostly the teacher, who has honestly ruined by love of the subject. Also I'm sorta considering taking Hotel management in place of finance next year. It seems like fun and more interesting than finance which will likley be filled with freshmen anyways. Well, I have until mid-June to decide.

Have I mentioned the weather lately? Well It's been raining pretty much every day for about a week and a half now, don't get me wrong, I absoluetly love rain, but I need some vitamin D y'know?Today i stayed after to get soem science honour society hours and I thought I could walk home, then a sudden freak downpour arrived and destroyed any chance of that. I really can't wait until it starts to get colder again, I'm more of an autmn/winter person.

Okay, one of the most frustrating things ever in thsi world, well at least for a gay guy are really sweet, and honestly relly cute straight guys. Yes, I'm going to rant a little, deal with it. Okay, there are two guys at my school, one of them I have a really big crush on and another who is simply so quirkily(?) cute and funny it hurts. Only problem, they're straight, or at least i'm 80% sure they are. So what to do, what to do....Well not much really, it's the unfortuanate dilema i face. In reality, I should let it go and move on, it's not going to really get anywhere in the end, but my other half keeps telling me to hang on and let things run their course, a difficult decision indeed.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Random Food Hint #1 - Spices and the International Foods Isle

okay, today I realized something which I believe could potentially save me plenty of money whenever i go herb or spice shopping for when I cook. Spices in the normal supermakret isles are hyper expensive, even on sale it's kinda ourageous. Today I went into the international isle at my neighborhood supermarket and was shocked to find how cheap the spices were. Everything ws there, even some things that could not be found in the regular spice section - like whole nutmeg.

To give you an idea of how cheap the stuff s, a bottle of oregano at the regular spice isle was $3.50, well in the international isle, a pouch of it, which i swear contains more than the bottle, was only $1.85. Stick cinnamon was the same - everything was half the price yet you often got more. Why I never discovered this earlier I don't know, but next time you need to go buy some herbs or spices for your next culinary quest, check out the international isle, as long as you can live without the McCormick label on your goods, you can probably find something of equal quality for so much less. Anyways, we're in a recession, ways of saving money are apparently everywhere, you just have to look for them.

Happy Cooking.


About Myself

While surrounded my my countless peers I hold endless secrets to myself, here I should let my true self show. Some background, I'm a 16 year old high school guy just trying to get by through a life of secrets and seemingly endless challenges. While I try and help as many others as i can, I often end up leaving myself neglected. A loyal friend yet a very picky individual, i only will trust those who have proven themsleves to be worthy of such trust. I currently speak English, some French, and Chinese, I'm currently teaching myself Swedish, to limited success. Relationships? More like lack-thereof, but that's unfortunately my own fault. Being a closeted teenager does not do one well especially when you can only keep of a charade of lies. Stuck between public reaction and the ever so appealing reaction of my parents i have decided it is still best to keep this my own issue.

Some of my interests? Well I'm an avid cook, experimenting with whatever I have. Success or not it is always a learning experience. I especially like making italian dishes as well as asian cuisine, both mid-east, south and chinese foods. i also have a massive sweet-tooth and chocolholic who could probably down an entire cake if the occasion seemed fit. I bake regularly, i just made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies a few hours ago. I'm a foodie to say the least, food will always be something I love no matter what. Another interest would be cars, especially Volvo, as for why i don't know, but i think it has something to do with the cleanliness of design and the practicality associated with them (practicality is hot). I do only one sport - Crew, i row on my high school's crew team, not the best but not the worst either.

So why Am I starting this blog? Well I need somewhere to record the daily events of my life and be able to rant, rave and do everything in between. This will sorta serve as my personal digital journal, ironically one that anyone can potentially read which i am personally fine with. I plan to share events in my life, any random ideas that pop into my head and any hints or things I feel is worthy to be shared, I'd imagine things about food and cars will some up often.