Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Can't Stop Thinking About You

Why must you do this to me? Your beautiful sea blue eyes, your perfect hair, and your irresistible smile. There goes not one day that I don't think about you, not one day when you don't cross my mind and I think, "Why can't this be reality?" This past year has been wonderfully painful for me; every day I see you, and I can't help but smile and fall for your charms even more than I already do. Who else could have such a fun personality with a mind as brilliant as yours? And yet, I don't think you know of how much I truly care about you, that I would go to the end of the world for you, that I would put your life ahead of mine if need be. Our friendship will always be treasured, even if we do end up going to opposite ends of the world. I just hope that one day you'll feel the same way towards me as I do for you, because at the end of the day, there is only one way to put it. I love you.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Daniel Radcliffe? pff...... give me a Freddie Stroma

So I recently went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with some of my friends over at Reston Town Center, now if you are form teh NOVA/DC area, you have probably been to, or at least heard of this place. Well anyways, so we had a light dinner, well, half of the group did at Panera first before we went to see the movie, not a bad sized crowd for a Thursday evening. I throughly enjoyed the movie, visually it was spectacular and despite being over two and a half hours, it was very entertaining through and through. But, one thing stood out, at least for me. First, let's backtrack, a while back ago, Daniel Radcliffe was the hottest guy out there, girls flocked to him, but since that has died down, well, I think his wizarding replacement has arrived in the terribly attractive Freddie Stroma. Playing Cormac McLaggen, a quidditch playing hunk tryign to win the heart of fellow key character Hermoine Granger, I literally sat mouth agape after he first appeared on screen. Currently, Stroma is not a very high profile actor, but I believe after this role in the HP series, I expect his popularity to really takeoff. In the mean time, I'll be here, admiring both his acting skills and his stunning good looks.

and also......let's take a look back at his ad campaign spot for Acne Underwear back in 2008, I won't ask about the name of the company....

Who wouldn't enjoy seeing him dance, or at least try to dance? haha. Nice abs, mate.

Friday, July 17, 2009

So My Dog is a Racist....

I love my dog, I've had him now for 5 years, ever since we adopted him form a Falls Church Animal Shelter back when I was in 6th grade. Well, back then he was 3 years old and freshly neutered (poor fella) and now he's at the ripe old age of 8. He's a loving and surprisingly relaxed Jack Russell Terrier named Max (didn't bother changing his name), who is, after observing for all these years, a blatant racist.

Let me explain, I don't know why, whether it is because he had a bad experience or something but he can't seem to stand black people. Here's what happens, Max has a habit of sitting on a chair looking out a window onto the neighborhood sidewalk, and whenever a black individual or group walks by, he goes into this barking frenzy that drives us up the wall. I seriously don't know why, considering he does this to no other people who walk by. My personal theory is that maybe he was an old south plantation owner back in the 1800s or so who was then reborn as a dog for this round at life. And no, I don't actually believe personally in the whole rebirth-cycle but hey, maybe it applys here.
My hyper, racist, adorable dog, Max

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Does Gaydar Exist?

Okay, so recently me and my friends have been discussing a lot of random things and the subject of Gaydar pops into conversation, half of us think it's fake and half of us believe it's true. Personally, I believe there probably is some form of Gaydar, and I don't mean any of that based-on-stereotype crap since that's just doesn't work for me. From what I've noticed, I can usually guess whether someone is gay or not correctly about 2/3 of the time, mostly gay guys like me, just average every day guys who don't dress "gay" or whatever or don't even act that gay, but I dunno.

Anyways, Harry Potter VI is out and I honestly can not wait to go see it. I'll admit something first though which would probably get me castrated by one of my friends if they found out, but I actually did not finish reading the Half-Blood Prince, I got half way, got bored, skipped to where Dumbledore got killed, and read the last chapter. So seeing the movie will fill any blanks for me I guess, hopefully it won't disappoint.

On a final note, the weather here has been amazing recently, like mid or low 80s, sunny to partly cloudy, and relatively low humidity. I really need to go to the pool or something haha.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lazy Afternoons are My Friends

So I realized I haven't posted anything in quite a while so I'm now going to summarize what has happened in the past week or so. Well first, I got a haircut and it's now a lot shorter than it used to be, meaning about half it's length and about 1/3 the overall mass, so I'm now fauxhawking it just for kicks. On top of that I just got back yesterday form a whirlwind 4 day college visits tour up north to new york and Boston to see Columbia, Boston College and Harvard(I'm not getting in but it doesn't hurt to look right?) So while I was at Harvard I met a friend who I have known since middle school and attended his Bar mitzvah of all things, to put it simply, he's brilliant and has a much higher chance than I do at getting in. But now that I'm finally home, I have realized how great it is not to have to see the back of a car seat for 6 hours at a time, every day, in traffic.

So plans for this week? Well, I am hoping to go see Brüno with Maria tomorrow, apparently it's disappointing to those who have seen Borat, but then again I never saw Borat (I know, shame on me) so I hope it won't be too bad. Apparently some people have complained it is homophobic in ways and casts us in a bad light, well, time will tell but I have an open mind and easily laugh at myself and all sorts of things, it's pretty hard to tick me off on some subjects. Also, Harry Potter is coming out :D yay! So I don't know if I'm going to see it this week with friends or not. I got invited to go with a group but I don't personally like or enjoy the company of some people in the group and also the person who will be driving, one of said unlikables mothers is pricklier than a porcupine after eating one to many hot peppers, and I don't think she particularly likes me either for some reason which is odd considering I have only met her twice and both times it was for no more than 10 minutes. I dunno, for all I'm concerned, I don't like her and she doesn't like me so it's a level playing field. I also need to work on summer assignments this week, I plan to finish the book 1984 this week and also try to finish another chunk of history assignments, whether this will be successful or not, we will see.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 A.M. update

These past few days have been pretty hectic around the house. It seems the random relatives train keeps coming in because this week, we have my mom's cousin and family coming in from China, they're some pretty nice people, and apparently the husband has a semi-powerful government position back at home, hmmmmm. Well, I've sorta gone into a lazy spell recently, reading and book work seems to have taken a back seat, and I know I'm going to regret saying this, but I still have two months to finish my work. I'm currently reading 1984 by George Orwell, pretty much a dark tale of a bleak, all overseeing government and a world constantly at war envisioned to take place in the year 1984, but actually written in the late 1940s I believe.

In other news, I had a lunch get together with some of my friends today, well, yesterday where I finally made the promised Chinese food lunch which my friend Lauren has been reminding me about for a few months now, we invited some of our other crew friends to join us for lunch, along with Lauren's dog, Sia, a 13 year old Egyptian Hound Dog you would likely mistake for a deer if you didn't pay close enough attention. Afterwards I ended up playing Mario Olympics with Lauren in her basement which was fun, I learned that the hammertoss is truly my event haha. Well, finally, tomorrow I have a lunch outing with my friend Maria, she needs to buy a costume apparently and then we are heading out for lunch somewhere so we'll see how tomorrow works out.

O funny story, today my mom sweet-talked 2 security guards and a tour guide into letting in 5 technically unauthorized people into the US mint here in D.C., how it worked? I dunno, but seriously, that is straight up fantastic.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Georgetown Visit and Visiting Californians

So today I went to Georgetown University for my first ever college visit, and I gotta say, it's quite nice. It probably has to do with the really nice campus or the fact that it's so close to where I live, but yeah, it was really nice. We got a tour from this girl who had just graduated this year so she was really nice and familiar with the place and answered all teh questions we had very nicely and clearly, but by the end she seemed so tired, I think everyone sorta felt bad for her. But yeah, one college visit down, many more to go >.>

Also, yesterday we had some visitors come in from California, it was one of my mom's friends who she had met in China when she was 17 and she had since moved to cali, lets just say my mom and her haven't seen her in quite a while, meaning I wasn't even born yet haha. So yeah, she had two kids, one 28 one 211 and it was pretty much me and my cousin and them two who hung out and talked through dinner and afterwards. We ended up going to IHOP in the end around 10 PM, haha. I got "bullied" into getting a neopolitan milkshake which the waiter did not know what that meant (choc,vanilla, and strawberry all together) which was a pleasant surprise. They live in LA and are staying until sunday. They are some pretty cool people I must say, very nice and fun to talk with. If you live in the Los Angeles area, a heads up, they plan to franchise a Golden Corral out west. In case you don't know what Golden Corral is, it's a restaurant/buffet which pretty much serves everything imaginable including a grilled station and bakery, it's a southern thing (sidenote: they lived in North Carolina for a while, hence Golden Corral). They also apparently plan to open some frozen yogurt shops here east because apparently it's popular out on the west coast. But yeah, it was nice to meet them and pretty fun, hopefully I'll be able to see them again some time.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

While I'm not Canadian, I love Canada as a country so Happy canada Day! or at least the last 16 minutes of it as I currently type. Today was an uneventful day in general, I vacuumed the house because one of my mom's friends she met in China when she was 17 is coming over from California tomorrow with her kids (both older than me) and her husband and we are taking them out to dinner. Friday is goign to be the day I go on my first college visit (yay!0, it's to georgetown University in Washington DC so it should be fun, I hope. I also finished part of my summer assignments for my AP comparative government class today so progress is being made too.

So yeah, summer is pretty boring so far, and until there is another gathering with my frriends or we go on holiday later this month it will likely remain rather quiet. Also, on a side note, I'm trying to bulk up a little this summer, anyone care to help or provide some tips?

**bonus of the week**
okay, so I've decided to post some photos of my celebrity crushes, dunno why, just sorta popped in my head. Don't judge me!!!! :P

Josh Hartnett

Ryan Gosling