Friday, January 27, 2012

Video: Hybrid Power

This is the new Toyota TS030 Hybrid LeMans racecar...and it sounds fucking epic. It's like if a pod racer from Starwars and the Batmobile had a lovechild, this would be the result. Damn.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some People

There are three main groups of people in my life: those who I get along with, those who I don't, and those who I don't even bother with. Luckily for me, the number of people that fall into each of those groups declines as one goes down the line. For the most part, I'm a friendly and agreeable person; people get along with me and I with them. One reason for this I think is because I will go out of my way to make friends and get to know someone from the get-go. Even if I have no idea about someone, I will try and find some common ground between us two and form some kind of connection on the spot. Through this, I have met many people who I was on good terms with. Today, whether I still see them or am still in contact with them varies, but despite that, the fact that I know they have  positive opinion of me and I of them makes me happy.

The second, smaller group of people tends to be people, who despite my attempts to find common ground, still possess qualities which I personally oppose and likely will not ever grow to love or at least become apathetic towards. Despite that however, I still want to engage these people because they can provide a wide range of insight towards topics and ideas that I probably know very little about. Even if I believe X and them Y, I want to hear what they say even if I don't like it because even controversial or disliked knowledge is useful knowledge, and as curious and inquisitive creatures, humans can always benefit from knowing more.

Like Republicans
They say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, well, here is a case where I think this applies. I probably have had the most engaging conversations with those who I personally don't like but can't laud enough on what they can and have contributed to my personal development.

Finally, we have the third group, people who I don't bother with. This is a very exclusive club in my social sphere network as it only contains two people from my 19+ years on this earth. The individuals who belong in this group are those who possess qualities which I feel are so ludicrous, so abhorrent and unforgivable, that no matter what they say or do, I will never have any sort of respect for them as fellow humans.

It may seem like a very strong thing to say that someone can be so nasty and curt that I hold no respect for them in my mind, yet it is true. Despite being as open I attempt to be, there are those who I just cannot seem to get along with or respectfully disagree with. One of these individuals was a girl back in middle school who thankfully I only knew for two years before she disappeared to a different high school, went to live on some hippie farm, and now is at some joke of a college that I had never heard of up north.
I bet she grew some sick acorn squash at one point
She was an absolutely deplorable person in my eyes; a veritable banshee if there ever was one. I remember not so fondly that for two long years, I tried to be friends with her, tried to be nice and kind, yet all of this was pointless. She constantly put down very idea I shared, didn't bother to reciprocate any act of kindness I threw her way or try to even feign any form of friendship. So I did what I had to do: I stopped giving a fuck about her and dropped her from my life. Not to long ago, I saw her at a local restaurant while I was dining with some friends. I couldn't help but feel so warm on the the inside, knowing that I cut her out of my life so long ago. She was excess baggage that I didn't need way back when and still don't need today. If I could, I would give my 8th grade self a massive high-five for his smart decision.

The second individual who falls in this category is someone who I had the displeasure of meeting more recently and had even ranted about back in October of last year; we'll name him Ted. Ted is a guy who I met back during my freshman year of college. He lived on my floor in my freshman dorm and worked his way into one of my close circles of friends. Like I did with the others, I entered this relationship with an open mind, but little did I realize that even that would not be enough. Ted has one of those personalities that just does not mesh well with mine. While there are plenty of people who I don't get along perfectly with, I can still manage to find a way for things to fit and work out, but between him and I, we're like oil and water. He's a crass, unapologetically rude, and all-around disagreeable person in my mind. This guy has been enemies with almost everyone in my close circle at one point or another, but somehow, things sort themselves out; for me, however, this just never was the case. Maybe it's how he must ways go against the grain and say something controversial, racist, homophobic or any combination thereof just to go against the flow of a conversation, or maybe it's how he holds grudges about the most trivial and silly things for all of eternity and can never let things go. No matter what the reason, he's someone who I genuinely can not, and probably never will get along with. A fun part of this however is that he seems to dislike me as equally as I do him...

I've tried to be the bigger person and be kind to him on the rare occasions I do see him, but none of this has ever been reciprocated. Every time I say "hi", try to congratulate him, or just be friendly is greeted with a troll-like grimace and face longer than the Nile in Egypt.

Even this photo is kinda generous...
I still hold some hope that things maybe can work out, but that hope is quickly fading. Funny thing is that he's in a relationship with a girl in one of my circles who I'm not super close with but is still one of my friends. I don't understand how she can stand him but that's a mystery for another day. Nevertheless, wherever he ends up in life, likely far as he can absorb knowledge like a sponge, I wish him whatever life gives him. I don't wish him the best in life because I don't believe people who purposefully try to be disagreeable deserve the best. No matter what, however, I look forward to a time when the even limited interaction I have with him now eventually dries up to nothing. Like the previous girl, he's the kind of person who just weighs me down and provides excess baggage that I just don't need. Until then, I'll just smile and wave until I reach the day when I can quietly say to myself "Good Riddance."

All the best,


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Calm Down

Okay, I know that you're trying to be all independent and "I'm the master of my own ship" and stuff, but you seriously need to get a grip and stop getting all moody at the drop of a hat. Contrary to whatever you're thinking in your head, the world isn't conspiring against you.



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sophomore Year Part 2

I just started week two of my second semester and it looks like this will be a very busy, but interesting one. For the first time in a year I have classes five days a week, but I only have one on Friday thankfully. I'm taking German II, Marketing, Macroeconomics, International Trade, and Business Financial Management this year. All my classes ended up being spread out quite evenly throughout the week and I have time for a solid lunch and a nap if I want every day. My earliest class is German at 10 Monday ,Wednesday and Friday, otherwise my days start at 11. I pretty much finish each day around 6 so I have plenty of time for dinner and hopefully the gym as well; my goal is 3-5 times a week which is reasonable I think.

As for professors, collectively they seem like a solid bunch, but I'll give it a few more weeks before I come to any conclusions. My German professor seems nice enough, but after my professor for intro I last year, she has big shoes to fill. My Macro professor has a heavy Minnesota accent while my Marketing professor has a French-Canadian accent and drops and adds in the letter "h" in words when he is not supposed to which is pretty endearing.  My I-Trade professor is kinda scatterbrained which I hope won't hurt me too much since that is one class I need to do well in. I'm hoping he's just nervous or something, otherwise we're going to have a problem. I just need to do well in general this semester since the business school curve and classes which I honestly didn't care much for first semester made me take a hit to my GPA which I'm not too happy about.

Since coming back to school, I've also gotten the ball rolling on my study abroad plans for Fall of my junior year. I hope to study in Copenhagen, Denmark if I get into the program I want. I started doing research last semester and decided on it since it let me take the business courses I needed and also allowed me the greatest freedom in exploring Europe. If all goes well, me and two of my close friends will all be going to Denmark in Fall which would be so sick. The past week or so, I've been getting all my forms in order, I contacted the two professors who I wanted to do my recommendation (my German and Management professors from last semester) and set up a meeting with my study abroad advisor so everything will be in order. I know the program I'm going for is pretty competitive so I really hope I get in. I really want to do a lot of work in Europe so this would really help me get a taste of what's in store for my future if I get accepted.

Outside of class, I'm still doing publicity work for some of the theatre groups on campus. The show I'm currently working on is premiering in less than a month so I'll have plenty of work organizing the cast and the rest of the production staff soon. I also got asked to be publicity director for the university theatre department's production of Macbeth this Spring which is a huge opportunity for me to prove myself and gain some major credibility and resume points. Grilling Society is still on pause for the winter, at least until the first snow fall which, upsettingly, we still haven't had in the D.C. area. I sure as hell hope something big is in store for us since this has been a pretty pathetic winter so far.

Alright, well, I need to get caught up on my readings so I'll leave you guys now. Sorry for the inconsistent posting, I'll try and get to a more regular and frequent schedule soon once things settle down here.

All the best,


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys

I facepalmed so many times during this video my forehead is now red....mostly out of embarrassment about things that have been said to me as well.

Yeah, he pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one.

Thankfully, none of my friends have had me feel them least so far.


Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm a Creep

I'm using the bike at the gym as I write this so I apologize for this post being rather short and for any terrible iPod touch autocorrects that I didn't catch.

My winter break is winding down and I'm returning back to campus tomorrow for the start of the spring semester. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone an seeing how break was for them. I'll post an update about all the stuff that has gone on in the past week or so soon enough; trust me, there's plenty it talk about.

Anyways, the reason I'm writing this post is because I've come to realize I can be a Grade A creep at times. The gym I go to at home is two floors with a balcony looking over the main floor. Since I make a habit of going at night, I usually see a regular group of people who make a habit of going around the same time I do. One of these people however is this really hot jacked guy who is here maybe Hal the times I'm here. Now, when I say hot, I mean he could be cast to play Zeus or Poseidon in The Immortals sequel right now and fit the role perfectly. This guy gives Greek Demi-god Kellan Lutz a run for his money and biceps for that matter. The reason I'm on the bikes right now is because the bikes look over the freeweight section of the gum perfectly and I get to watch him in all his perfectly chiseled goodness.

Oh my lord, his....everything

I tell myself I admire his physique as a means of motivating myself to get ready and toned for the spring...but I know on the inside that the real reason is because I'm a creep.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with some innocent fun.

All the best,


Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

Hey Y'all, first, a belated Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a good time however you spent that night. I spent new years with Christine, Mads and our friend Paige who's visiting from California at Christine's house. We had a fondue dinner which was really awesome since I haven't done fondue since probably freshman year of high school. First was a cheese fondue with vegetables, bread and apple followed by NY Strip Steak fondue with a nice beef stock, and finally was chocolate fondue with strawberries, cookies and marshmallows. Dinner was with Christine's mom, step dad, stepsister and some rando who we guessed was her Step dad's nephew but weren't sure haha. He was kinda silly and liked to talk, not half bad looking either. We had a bet rolling as to how old we thought he was, I ended up settling on 24 with Paige and Christine and Mads set on 25. Eventually we pried out that he graduated in 2009 so 25 was more likely. He was from the Midwest, Indiana I think, and had an accent which I'm a sucker for.

After dinner, we took pictures and settled down for the countdown to midnight. We ended up having what we mutually described as a very high-school night. Since it was at Christine's house, we couldn't get drunk like for 2011 which was kinda a letdown; nevertheless, it was a really fun night. We watched The Walking Dead, an AMC show on Netflix before midnight and gorged ourselves on kettle corn, chips and french onion dip, and vegan general tso's chicken from Whole Foods (odd, but surprisingly good). At midnight, we did our cheers with Martinelli's and I made my calls and texts to my friends. Soon after we settled back down to our couch party and started watching Horrible Bosses which I saw before but definitely didn't mind watching again. We all were planning on spending the night so we each got a blanket and made ourselves comfortable for the night. By 1:30ish, I fell asleep in my chair along with Paige who had a sleeping bag on the floor. Christine and Mads watched the entire thing and found it really funny as they said the next morning at breakfast. Christine's mom made us pancakes and bacon (can I say I love this family?) and we had a leisurely morning. Christine had work that day so we all left by 10:30.

So, overall, a pretty chill new year. It was nice to spend time with good, long-term friends, be totally relaxed and just vege out, so underrated in my opinion.

Well, I still have about one week left in my winter break so I've got a few adventures planned out. Maria just got back and my friend M should be returning from her trip up to Boston in the next few days so I look forward to catching up with them soon.

I hope 2012 brings many great surprises to you.

All the best,