Monday, August 29, 2011


Have you ever gotten that uncomfortable sinking feeling when you realize that you've stumbled upon something you probably shouldn't have? Well, that seems to be happening quite a lot recently. On my ipod touch I have an app called Grindr, now if you don't know what Grindr is (and based on the readers and audience of this blog I expect that most have at least heard of it) it's a app for gay guys to find each other using the GPS function on an iphone or ipod touch with wifi. The tame use is for finding friends while the more scandalous use of Grindr is that it's used for hookups and sex. A few months ago I downloaded Grindr and put up a profile; I got a lot of responses from creepy old guys and eventually just deleted it. A few days ago after I got back on campus, I decided to reinstall the app and see what would pop up, well, I found some interesting things.

First would be one of the RAs from my freshman year dorm. Now, he was openly gay and had a strange relationship with a thirtysome year old guy (repeat: STRANGE). But just seeing him on there is funny enough. Someone else I found is one of Liz's friends who I've asked before whether he was gay or not. He's not my type or anything but it was a curiosity I had, he was campy. Well, Liz told me that he wasn't and that he was a bit of a Casanova, well, this guy shows up as well. Even stranger is that he used his actual name which I thought broke Grindr rule no.1....

In addition to those I found a few other people who were only a few hundred feet away from me, one of whom messaged me this morning. Some I'm pretty sure are freshmen at the dorm next door while a few are probably in the upper classmen quad I'm part of. I don't have anything specific on my profile, I don't use a face pic (breaking Grindr rule no. 2...) and I try to just use it as a way to see what's going on around campus...okay, maybe I'll also use it for the occasional hookup but it's more of a "just for kicks" sort of thing for me...I promise.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

College Ver. 2.0....and go!

One year ago, I was getting ready to move to college for the first time. It was a very tumultuous time with mixed emotions tempered by the sheer hectitude (not a word, but go along with it) of it all. One year ago, it was also very sunny, warm and honestly one of the most beautiful days I can remember. Fast forwrad to today and it's a different story...
Yes, there were still mixed feelings as I packed the car again and started to make my dorm my new home but the whole process was much smoother. I moved in early since I'm helping new students move in as a move-in aid but more on that later. We got back on campus at 9 this past Wednesday while everyone was pretty much still asleep. I got my key, found my dorm, and thankfully recognized a few names on the doors of my hall. My room is supposedly bigger than last year but it didn't quite feel like it; it's a lot more square which I think is why. Also, much to my dismay there is no sink in the room anymore. My mom and I spent a few hours cleaning and unpacking my things, clothes and getting everything ready to go. We ended up getting lunch afterwards and after a few more trips picking up things I had forgotten from home we said our goodbyes again. Thank god I live close to home.

With hurricane Irene slowly making its way up the coast I made sure ot take advantage of Thursday and Friday's nice weather as much as I could. yesterday me and my friend Kate rented a pair of bikes and rode riverside to the monuments, memorials and up and down the National Mall for about two hours and that night me, Liz and Audrey went down to get Chipotle and some ice cream down on Wisconsin before it got too dark out. We chatted about how different things were coming back for our sophomore years compared to how it was before. How we weren't scrambling to say "hi" to every person we see and weren't scared out of our minds that were weren't going to have friends. Looking back, freshman move-in was probably one of the strangest parts of my life so far.

Irene made its way into the area starting early this morning and by the time I woke up things were pretty grey and dreary out; no rain, but you could feel it in your bones. At 11 I began my shift for move-in aiding, it was for an upper classmen dorm off campus and home to mostly transfers. After a quick start things slowed down to nothing and I ended up just sitting there with four other aids and chatting about all sorts of things after an initial hour of awkward silence. It was probably one of the most boring experiences of my life, the only consolation was the other guy there, a junior, was kinda hot. He wasn't mind-blowingly good looking but he had great azur blue eyes; I'm a sucker for nice eyes.

The hurricane is only going to get worse later tonight so me and a few others are just ordering-in and having a psuedo-hurricane party. The freshmen are slowly arriving (great time to move in eh?) and the kickoff festivities are soon. Alright, I promise to start writing about more interesting stuff soon but I needed to do a quick update first.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Rhydon used "Earthquake" on the East Coast, it was super effective!

End of the Summer

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and in a few days I'll be moving back to campus for my sophomore year. Usually at this time and when I do my end-of-summer post I make some comment as to how short and quick it felt; well, this year doesn't quite fit that mold. Surely, it does feel like the past three months were faster than any three months spent at school, but this was definitely a long summer. Given it was about half a month longer than any high school summer it makes sense but even it was shorter it was definitely one of the quietest and smoothest summers I remember.

Today was my last day at work and let's just say it ended with a bang...not necessarily in a good way, but with some theatrics nonetheless. This morning my tire pressure sensor light came on, and when I got the garage, my front left tire was pretty much flat, great start to the day. Later, after I opened the store, I find out there was some massive accounting/record keeping fail over the weekend and I had to dig up and fax three days worth of receipts and paperwork to home office...I've never sent a fax in my entire life. Later, one of my coworkers forgot he was supposed to come in so I had to do an emergency call to my mom to bring me lunch since I couldn't leave the store. That kid, we'll call him K, is so freaking unreliable and irresponsible sometimes, it's the second day in a week he "forgot" he was scheduled to work *headshake*. Well, I left work early and went to changing the tire, another first for me. It was probably one of the most unpleasant things I've ever had to do, but it was better to do it in the garage rather than on the side of the highway. Me and my mom drove to the tire shop and we left the punctured tire for them to take a look at and see if it can be patched or if it needs to be replaced.

Fast forwarding, I just got back from a late dinner with Dutch and Mads. We got Korean BBQ in Annandale (Koreatown pretty much) and caught up. They were all excited about the "exotic" experience and we talked about plans for the upcoming year. Something that came up again was the surprise that Southern Charm and one of the captains from the crew team were roommates this year. It's surprising because SC is probably one of the most chill people ever and Captain is probably one of the most intense people I know, strange mix. Mads immediately jumped on how she found it suspicious and implied that maybe they had ulterior motives for rooming beyond just being friends from the same high school. Y'all know how I feel about SC, the goofy grinning, adorable, blue-eyed friend who I had a thing for back during my senior year and how I suspected he was gay, a sentiment that now I know both Dutch and Mads share. Captain is more confusing; I'm pretty sure he's straight but I guess you can never be sure. Mads suggested that it may be one-way with SC and Captain which I could see since Captain isn't half bad looking. Ugh, I need to get over that boy; he was just a good friend though it will probably continue to bother be anyways.

After dinner, we drove home with conversation about music and our mutual love for Adele...

Adele - Set Fire to the Rain

Well, a little while after we set off, a freaking deer jumps in front of the car. Mads slammed on the brakes while we all screamed our lungs dry and continued to panic for a few minutes after. It was terrible/exciting/funny/terrifying all at the same time. If this isn't the the "rogue deer running into the road" I've had as part of my blog description for over two years I don't know what is.

Summer in Review:

I completed my first true job! It went pretty well I think; working retail, while getting a bum rap wasn't too bad. Granted, I worked in the kind of store where the clientele are nicer and um....more refined in taste than the average store which could have helped. I got valuable life experience and I think my people skills really improved from interacting with so many people for the past three months. One thing I did learn though is that people can be very egotistical, rude assholes sometimes, despite my prior statement. In addition to developing people skills, I think I've also become hardened against criticisms and person attacks on things I have no control over. My favorite line has become "I will never come back to this store unless you do ____". Advice: if you ever use this line, any retail worker with a modicum of experience is laughing his or her ass off on the inside. While I might try to apologize/explain things, on the inside, we are all thinking "Bitch, please, you're not special and we have countless other clients and it's only growing bigger with each day" on the inside. At least some of the music they play at work helps cheer things up...

Nicole Atkins - Maybe Tonight

I hope to return to my job back during my winter break. In the mean time I'm looking to find a job close to campus for maybe two shifts a week to make some spending money. I got a few applications ready and a few references so hopefully my search will turn out to be fruitful. Plus my resume has some actual work experience on it now!

Having a job for once over the summer ate up most of my otherwise lazy-time, and probably for the better. I did get plenty of relaxation though; the cruise with my mom was really nice and really recharged my batteries. I also enjoyed sleeping in and constantly getting about 8 hours of sleep every night; I'm going to miss it once classes start....

Working Out/Weight Gain
At the beginning of the summer I set the goal ot put on some weight and getting more fit. I've been hitting the gym regularly about 4 days a week, sometimes more if I have the time. I have made progress, I've put on about 8 or so pounds since the end of May, mostly on my upper body - arms, back and chest to an extent. My abs have much more definition than before which I really like and I think with a few more weeks and two more pounds I should be at my goal.

The Coming Year
My sophomore year looks to be pretty interesting. I'm taking another new language, this time the language will be German. I'm taking intro to German this fall semester, and if I like it I'll keep on it; it's non-intensive which is what I'm looking for since I'm not looking for something that will be too time consuming. I'm working on remembering/using French and my two dialects of Chinese as much as I can so my years of work won't be for naught. I'm also in Accounting II, MicroEcon, Management Organizational Behavior, and a philosophy class. I'm looking forward to a good year so cheers to that. As I said, I'm planning to find a job and continue with the clubs I'm already in including tutoring, Pride and helping out Liz with promoting a student-written collection of one-act plays for parent's weekend. I even got myself a new Laptop for the new year - it's another HP but with a Gen 2 Core i5 processor, 6GB of RAM and a 640GB hard drive. It's only 14" but I'm bring both the new one and my old 16" laptop to campus as a backup/stay-in-room computer since I still haven't transferred all my files.

Adele - Turning Tables

Well, I'll be moving back to campus Wednesday and getting settled in slowly. Classes don't start for another week or so but I'm helping the new freshmen move in and so I get to get back early and avoid the crowds. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to deck out my room and make it homey. I'll post pictures when it's done. The weather is finally getting nice; after weeks of 95+ degree weather or storms, it's been in the low-mid 80s and partly cloudy (win!). I'm picking up my keys tomorrow and look forward to enjoying my last day at home, at least until I stop by to visit. I'm planning on enjoying home cooking one last time, dining hall food only gets you so far unfortunately...

Alright guys, I hope things are going well in your neck of the woods. I have some catching up to do regarding reading blogs. I'm going to try commenting more in the future (I know how I love comments and others as well) and keep y'all updated if anything exciting comes up.

All the best,


Sunday, August 21, 2011


Watching Titanic on VH1 makes me yearn for the days when Leonardo DiCaprio was young and cute...

When I was little, (aka 5) I thought Titanic was the coolest thing in the entire world, I actually saw it about five times in theaters, I don't know how many times on VHS (remember those?) and my parents would play the sound track in the car whenever we went out for a drive; I was such a loser.
Just do me already!

Don't get me wrong, he's not bad looking now, but he's not one of those actors that seems to be getting hotter with age unfortunately :/

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to stick with Ryan Gosling...
....still drooling
Forget Leo, do me now you classy-ass motherfucker!

Now excuse me while I try to collect myself from being all hot and bothered...

Saturday, August 20, 2011


It's beginning to seriously bother me how some people can be so idiotic and devoid of any moral reasoning or concept of right and wrong. This rant is mostly based the recent craze of "flashmobs" and "flash robberies" that seeming is spreading across the US but is hitting especially hard in the DC area.

It's starting to get annoying that all I heard on the local news is about these flash mobs and groups of teenagers robbing stores at 3AM but flooding them in groups and then running off with mountains of stuff. Seriously? Are some people so immoral or just plain stupid that they feel the need to join some mob-mentality spurred grab and dash to rob some unsuspecting store owner? People have even gotten hurt in the process of these flash mobs lately, about a week ago, two people got severely beaten when a flash mob suddenly popped up in the area. Psychologists say people are doing it for the thrill of it, but there are plenty of ways to get a thrill that doesn't involve breaking the law. I hope this craze will pass soon and the people who were involved just get arrested already so we can get on with our lives and real news like this can actually be reported (doubt it, people like sensationalist media too much X/ )

Flash mobs, at least during their inception as clever advertising tactics, can be a positive force for change. What garners more attention for a cause than the surprise mob of people working towards some positive change for their community? Little. I think it started with T-Mobile about two years ago who did this little number...

...but my favorite would probably be some done by a Belgian TV station to promote some acting competition relating to the Sound of Music. (Those crazy Europeans lol)

And can I please not how homogeneous (aka white) they are there? They should rename Antwerp "Wonderbreadlandia"

Well, anyways, school is going to start soon and I'll give y'all an update as to what has been going on in my life ASAP; I just wanted to get that off of my chest first.

Thanks for reading,


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Le plus grand faible des hommes, c'est l'amour qu'ils ont de la vie.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Interrogation Time

So two DMs (district managers) came to the store today to interview all the employees about a recent string of incidents with money going missing from the registers and stocks going missing too. It was actually kind of intimidating the way they did things; they took us to the back room one by one and did a whole series of interrogation-style rapid fire questions. They were asking about which of my coworkers I would trust and if I witnessed anything suspicious or sketchy which I didn't really. Honestly, if you didn't have anything to hide there was nothing to worry about but I know two of my coworkers got a hard grilling by one of the DMs that had eyes that were bulging out of her head and were the size of dinner plates.

"So I just sit here? Okay, Hi, my name is J...OH SWEET JESUS"
Since we had so many people come in the store at once things were kind of awkward. To put in perspective, we open and close the store by ourselves and there are never more than two people working at once, but we had four people working all at once this afternoon and at once point, had six people in the store working at the same time. The place I work is tiny.

The DMs finally left around 5 or so but not before telling us we all had to wear the ugly company aprons. My regular manager couldn't care less about aprons; she hates them about as much as I do, which is vehemently. I'm only working for this week, next week and one one last day the week after before I go back to school so I'll probably just wear the stupid things since I only work a handful more times. We ended up just standing around and chatting about music until I left.

Maybe if I tell myself aprons are sexy they will be.....hah, fat chance. They make people look like bloated cows.

Oh, finally, I definitely recommend Google Imaging "Sexy Apron", I got a good laugh from the results.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Gulty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasure, n. engl.

1. something you shouldn't like, but like anyway
2. something that you love to do, but you just cannot admit you do it.

Via Urban Dictionary

Everybody has a few guilty pleasures, those things you do and loves you have but really don't want others knowing since they're silly, disgusting or whatever other reason. So here are some of my guilty pleasures from habits of mine to some of my favorite things I hate to love and love to hate.

My Guilty Pleasure Food: Cheesy Anything. Cheesy Potatoes, Cheesy Scrambled Eggs, Cheese Biscuits etc.

Why: Cheese, like bacon, makes everything taste better I think, well, anything savoury at least. Yeah, as far as dairy goes it isn't terribly good for you but it's damn tasty so I don't care :)

My Guilty Pleasure Dessert: Bread Pudding

Why: Why am I separating food and dessert? Well, because desserts and sweets are too special to lump together with regular food. Well, bread pudding is my guilty pleasure because it's warm, comforting and because, well, I make some mean bread pudding. I'll admit, I've eaten half a pan of the stuff before (and felt the consequences soon after) but it's soo delicious and I have it so rarely I'll always overdo it when I get some.

My Guilty Pleasure TV Show: Teen Wolf

Why: Everything I know and love about good shows tells me I should hate this show. It's like my Jersey Shore, even though I am proud to say I have never watched an episode of that crap. The plot is questionable in its quality at best and the premise of the show is tired and abused enough at this point but I can't stop watching. Maybe it's the fact I want to lick Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), date the adorkable Stiles (Dylan O'Brian) or cheat on Stiles with the dimpled gay token character Danny (Keahu Kahuanui)....kidding, I would never cheat on someone, but choosing between the two would be one hell of a difficult decision. Dammit, now I'm getting obsessed with the characters of the show who don't even fucking exist. This just goes to show any hormonal gay boy can have his usual regimen of Law and Order and CSI be swayed with copious amounts of shirtlessness and cheesy plots.

Sometimes the music they choose isn't half bad though,

Kids of 88 - Just A Little Bit (Playing now if you haven't paused the sidebar music)

My Guilty Pleasure Bad Habit: Unnecessarily Passing on the Highway

Why: Because people suck at driving. The real reason is probably because I have a newer car with more power than I technically need but hey, it's there, why not use it. My favorite thing is at night after work, I-495 becomes really quiet and people are going 80+ so I go a little faster. Bad habit, but I love speed ;).

My Guilty Pleasure Hidden Secret: I'm a Super Geek

Why: So I've been a nerd or geek all my life. From elementary school though most of middle school it defined me but things got tempered a bit in HS. Deep at my core though I'm a massive geek. I love machines, figuring out how things work, the science and chemical reactions behind everyday things, science fiction, and memorizing useless information like horsepower ratings for probably 100+ cars and counting. So, behind the now more clean, sharply dressed and collected exterior lives the chubby, awkward nerd that I'll always love and embrace.

My Guilty Pleasure Splurge: Express Dress Shirts

Why: I've recently really taken to liking button downs and dress shirts, especially the 1MX shirt from Express. I'm a stickler for cut and fit so the fact that those shirts cut as close as they do works for me. They're expensive though, even if they are BOGO 50% off at $60 a piece but I love them and will probably get more soon.

My Guilty Pleasure Music: Music from Glee

Why: I usually hate covers but I won't lie, I've downloaded quite a few songs from the Glee albums. I didn't mention this earlier, but second to Teen Wolf, Glee is probably my second guilty pleasure TV show.

Glee Cast- Marry You

So there are a few of my guilty pleasures; I have plenty more but this post is long enough as is. Maybe I'll do a part 2 later on. I need to open at work tomorrow so I'm off to bed.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

All the best,


Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Past Week

So I haven't fallen off the face of the earth but I have been busy for the past week and just got home, so, recap of the past week.

Saturday, July 30, Florida

-Up at 3:30 to catch a 6:00AM flight to Atlanta from Dulles
-Taxi arrives, the AC was on high the entire 40 minute ride, I was freezing and so was my mom
-The airport is surprisingly busy but check-in goes smoothly enough
-Security takes forever because idiots think bringing full sized bottled of shampoo as a carry-on is o-k
-Flight to Atlanta goes smoothly, I don't know why people hate Delta so much, they're nice people
-I hate Atlanta's airport, it's noisy, overcrowded and poorly laid out, it's only a 1.5 hour layover thankfully
-Arrive at Orlando and try to find transportation
-Immediately get approached by a guy who is trying to drive us to the ship terminal for $25 a person, he's sketchy and we don't like him but my mom is too timid to say no, it's ridiculous, uncomfortable and not worth it.
-Check-in at the port goes smoothly, the travel agency didn't recognize my mom's prior-cruiser record so she didn't get a gold card
-We get on board and wait in line for 45 minutes before getting the issue sorted at the info desk. the Ship is pretty new so it looks quite nice inside.

-The room is nice, we booked an interior room on the 11th deck, it's a handicap room so the bathroom is freaking massive, total win.
-I explore a bit, the gym is decent but only one floor unlike the last ship which was two, there is an erg though.
-Dinner was cool, me and my mom got a private two-seat table by the window, our waiter is not the chattiest but nice and prompt. The Maitre'd was also funny.
-Our dining room table neighbors are really sweet, next to us are a first time cruise family with two daughters. The younger one (probably 7 or 8) is super picky about food based on color, she hates "white gravy" and light coloured sauces lol. The table behind us had a really WASP-y family and a really attractive Thai family. The WASP family had three kids, the son, maybe a year or two younger than me was pretty good looking and the Thai family had three boys around my age who were really hot....seriously.
-That night I head straight to the Casino, play about $40 on blackjack, went as high as up by $30 and down to $5 but settle with a loss of $20
-Go to bed around 1-ish

Sunday - Nassau

-Up around 9:30, get breakfast and go back to the room
-Watch a movie until around 1 and then head out
-It's really hot and it's all just shops, I was here in Spring too so not much to really do
-Stop back at the same bar I was at last time, they're still playing really loud Nicki Minaj and Weezy
-Back on the ship at 4
-Dinner's not until late so I go to the gym, the erg is buttery smooth, if only the gym at home had one this nice
-Shower and then get ready for dinner
-It's the first formal night so I dress up
-Dinner was decent, the Caesar Salad is really tasty and the fish I had was good enough, it needs more seasoning though
-The wait staff performs for us in a dance routine to "Low" by Flo Rida, awkward but funny nevertheless.
-On the way out, the kids at the teen club are all out in the halls and kinda loud and annoying
-My mom goes to see the show and I go back to the blackjack table
-The people I play with are hilarious, one guy I saw at dinner and the night before is playing at the same table as I am, he's from Alabama and goes to Ole'Miss, his accent is kinda sexy and he's pretty hot too. The other table people are three friends all in their early 40s. The two ladies are drunk and the guy is just laughing. One lady is a total cougar and is hitting on Ole'Miss. They buy a bucket of beer and share with the table. win.
-I end up winning about $40 so I'm even again for the trip
-Bed around 12:30

Monday - Sea Day

-Wake up around 9:30
-After breakfast, they make an announcement saying that because of Trop Storm Emily, we would have ot re-route and change two of our stops, kind of a bummer
-I catch a chair on deck and work on reading 1984
-Lunch is a weird mix of Italian and Asian food, I end up eating a lot of fruit and pasta
-I explore the ship some more and find a piano bar and look at some of the shops, liquor is so damn cheap!
-Dinner is meh, I was sleepy for some reason even after my regular double espresso with dessert
-I go back to the room and watch Law and Order, I fall asleep and don't wake up until 2:00, I don't even bother and just go back to bed.

Tuesday - Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

-Arrive at our first re-route spot, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos
-It's a really small port, just some jewelry shops, Margaritaville and a beautiful beach
-I shop with my mom for a bit and then go exploring
-Magaritaville is one massive frat pool party, drunk college students and 20-somethings everywhere dancing to extremely loud music, not really my kind of scene
-I settle on just finding a chair under a palm and just enjoying the weather and people watch

-Back on the ship around 4
-Shower and then find a deck chair to read some more
-Dinner was highlighted by one of the waiters singing an Elvis song for us, he's pretty good
-I go with mom to see a Canadian Female Impressionist singer who did Tina Turner, Cher, Macy Gray and a few others. He opening Cher act kinda sucked but the rest of her songs were actually pretty good
-Blackjack was a win, I went up $70
-Went to bed watching Jimmy Fallon

Wednesday - Sea Day

-Wake up late around 10:30
-Breakfast, gym and sunbathe for a little while
-Return Cruiser's party in the main theatre, free drinks ftw
-Couple sitting next to us down Screwdrivers like it's nobodys business
-I have a beer, a rum punch and a whiskey sour, the last might be one of my new favorite drinks
-I go read for a little while and I realize around then that I was tiiipsy; George Orwell was never more entertaining
-I try the Mongolian Barbecue/Wok station for lunch, the lady behind me kept asking for things that weren't out even though it was buffet style.
-Mom comments that I drink so quickly, lolz
-Dinner was quiet, the family with two kids next to us provide entertainment since the little one goes through three entrees before she finally eats something. We promise Jay, the bar guy, that we will order something tomorrow.
-Lose the previous day's winnings at blackjack, but the dealer and I become buddies. A Floridian couple with six kids (damn) talk about how I don't have any accent and that I'm a proud Amurican and then go on bashing the Indian political and health care systems
-Me and the dealer school them on how they are wrong on so many accounts and how India is the world's largest democracy and money exists in spades despite what people think. higher education + native background ftw
-Bed to "Letters to Juliet", click flick overload

Thursday - Freeport

-Up around 9:30
-Me and my mom go to Port Lucaya to shop around a little, pretty much the exact same as when we were here in Spring. It's really hot and boring
-We go back to the ship early and grab a pizza to share
-The gym is really crowded so I had ot wait to use many machines
-Second formal night and the bar guy Jay holds us to our word, mom gets white zin and he brings me a Mojito. I don't know why but it just sounds like a gay drink to me. It's not too bad though
-Dinner was good, I had prime rib which was really tasty and tender
-Jay never brings us our receipt but thinks we live on a farm since we're from Virginia. He's from South Africa which is pretty cool
-Deck party that night, live performers who did a variety of songs, around 11 they did a rock show and handed out glowsticks

-Grab some late night snacks
-Bed around 1

Friday - Sea Day

-Up around 10
-There's a farewell party around 5 so I grab a chair on deck and read/listen to music
-Gym around 2, I finally meet the other person who actually does erg workouts, she's one of the event coordinators on board and she has some really toned arms, she probably was a rower in the past
-The hot Thai guys are also on deck too as is the hot WASP family son. It was an ab fest, not much reading got done haha
-Farewell party at 5, Jay was serving there too and was trying to get me and my mom drunk towards the end of the party he just dumped the last four drinks on our table. The Thai family parents were sitting next to us and were giving us strange looks, we explained our way out of awkwardness/prove we weren't alcoholics
-Last dinner was calm, I had some surprisingly good Indian vegetarian. the head chef was Indian so that probably played a role. They staff sang a farewell song just like they did in my spring cruise. Jay kept asking for what he could bring us, I have a margarita on the rocks and mom has some fruity drink
-Dessert was soufflé which was good but kinda sucks it was on the last night. Princess Cruise Lines had it every night
-Jay tells us to go to the last comedy show at 11 and midnight, he'll hook me up
-I go to the 11pm show, Jay was there and gets me a Blue Chevy 57, some bright blue drink with lime vodka, also a glass of water "so mom doesn't get mad"
-The first guy was kinda blah, lots of penis jokes, lots of old recycled jokes I've heard before
-after the first show he comes back and asks what I want to get now, I tell him to surprise me, he brings me something like a long island but not if that makes sense. It tastes of rum, tequila and vodka and is strong as fuck. He also brings a shooter
-During the break, I find my mom, the blue drink is catching up on me but I find mom listening to s singer in the lobby
-The second performer was better and did more improv stuff, I found it to be funnier though I don't know if it was because he actually was funnier or if it was the long island like thing. Still lots of penis jokes
-About 30 minutes later everything was funny and I was becoming chatty. I hadn't had that much to drink since my Accounting final finished
-We leave the lounge and thanks Jay one last time, he's a great guy and gave us about $80 worth of drinks for free between the two of us during the trip so he's a winner in my book
-Bed around 12

Saturday - Florida

-Up around 6:30
-One last breakfast and then taxi to Orlando to catch our flight home
-Get a call from Maria, apparently shit has been going down at work and investigators from loss prevention are coming later this week to interrogate interview all the employees. Maria has $100 stolen from her purse and about $200 worth of product/money has gone missing from the store. The district manager is coming up from Florida as well. We have a hunch as to who is/are to blame
-Home to Reagan National around 4, my uncle picks us up
-It starts to torrential downpour on the way home but stops after about 15 minutes
-Finally home

So nothing too crazy went down but it was nice to just chill and relax. Today's mom's birthday so I need to plan out some surprises for later tonight.

Peace y'all