Saturday, November 28, 2015

Remember Me?

Remember me?

The guy who promised too many times he would be writing more often on this blog but then didn't?

Yeah, I'm kind of an asshole and liar and really over-promised and under delivered on that front. But that being said, I found myself once again browsing through the blog and really getting nostalgic of all the things gone past. I read about my past crushes and loves, the old high school dances and regattas that once consumed my mind and consciousness, and more than that, all the crazy life events I was so sure would alter the path of my life irreparably but never did. This brought so many things into perspective for me, realizing and remembering the lesson that in the long term, everything works out. It also made feel like I should write again (for real this time) to keep this journal going, so one day, I can hopefully look back again and see just how far I came.

Since my last post, things have (predictably) deviated from my expectations. Let's break it down, shall we?

"He's a special guy and we've made it longer than almost all the other gay couples I know have gone, so three cheers to us and many more to come."

Yes! The boy and I are still together. We recently celebrated our two year anniversary and somehow have managed not to kill each other.

Since my last February update, he has since graduated and started working. And while his undergraduate status may have changed, some things don't. I still find ways to embarrass him and he does a damn good job of making me cringe in public. Having hit the two year mark of our relationship and the initial butterflies and giddiness having long worn off, things have calmed down quite a bit and have become pretty routine and even boring at times. Maybe it's just because we're both working now or that we have exhausted much of what DC has to offer, but I am trying to find new ways to make things more interesting again. I still love him and would do anything for him (well, almost anything), but a shot of energy would be great. Any ideas or thoughts?

"In other boyfriend news, we are.....get ready for hunting." 

No, we are not living together. After a long house hunting process and building tours, we decided it would be best for us to not live together. It came down to wants and needs. He and I work in very different locations and he wanted to live in the city while I wanted to stay outside of DC if possible.

So what happened?

When he graduated, he got an apartment downtown where he wanted while this past June, I moved out of the family home and into an apartment with one of my former coworkers ("former: as he since has moved on to a new job at a new organization. The boyfriend has a studio while I am in a two bed two bath unit in a high rise just outside DC. I got my master bed and bath, garage parking, gym, and location close to my friends, while he gets his city lifestyle and ease of public transport to his job. It was the best compromise and allows us to meet our needs while still being able to easily see each other on the weekends

"I need to figure out my career path and where I want to go once I hit the one-year mark at my current job and if I want to stay or move to a new company at a new location."

The roller coaster of my last few posts where I came to despise my job has taken yet another turn. I am still at the same company but I finally found a way out of the sales team and into marketing. If you have followed my blog from when I was back in college, you would know I majored in Marketing so this move was a big boost for me. I joined a six-month rotational program in the marketing team back in September and am now about half way through. My new manager is very blunt, fun, and talkative and I finally have much more freedom to be creative and do what I studied and love.

That being said, as my rotation only goes officially for another three months or so, soon I will need to once again figure out where I want to go and what I want to do. So, if you know marketing, programs, or analyst positions open in the DC area, holla at me.

So there is once again another snapshot into the life of JP. With the holiday season coming around, I hope everyone has a great December. Stay Warm.

All the best,