Sunday, June 9, 2013

And So It Begins.

Ah summer. When the humidity reaches 90%, the sun is unbearable, and I hate driving as my butt burns on my car's leather seats (first world problem, I know). I guess I'm kind of an odd guy when I say that I'm actually not the biggest fan of summer. Give me a nice cool, breezy fall day any day. Nevertheless, this summer is a bit different than my previous summers. Let me explain.

To fully put things in reference, how summer 2013 got its start begins back in January. That's when I began my internship search as you guys heard about way back when. Well, after a long, long process, many interviews, many non-responses, and lots of sleepless nights, I finally got myself an internship in DC for the summer. Basically, the reason why I basically didn't write anything for the past few months is because of this search and also trying to finish off junior year well (which I did!).

So what's making this summer special is that for the first time, ever, really, I have a real job(ish). It's an internship, but basically I'm working Monday through Friday, 9-5:30 at a large and well known non-profit and PAC. I'm working in the marketing department with one other intern. My first day was about two weeks ago and my first full week went well. So far I've met about 2/3 of the interns, another third is starting over the next two weeks. It's a big group of characters which makes things pretty interesting. Considering I have a much more laid back personality than many of the interns, it can make for some quiet personality clashes but it's not really an issue. So far I've been doing  lot of research and administrative work but later on once all the interns arrive, there will be more group level projects.

The rest of the summer looks pretty tame for the most part. Mostly finding time to relax on the weekend, chilling with friends in DC, and spending time with Brandon. After how hectic and crazy junior year was with study abroad and school, I really am looking forward to a chill, calm summer.

Sorry for the brevity of this post, but once I get more settled in to a routine, I'm positive I'll have plenty of stories to share from work and the crazy shit that inevitably will happen when you get  a couple dozen 20-somethings together to work in DC.

Until then, enjoy the weather and Happy Pride!