Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Can't Hold Us Troublemakers

I just wanted to share two songs. The first is unofficially the theme song of my apartment. Everyone in my apartment loves Macklemore (though some are bitter because they liked him before he became "cool" what hipsters....). Nevertheless, he's brilliant in my mind. Compared to other artists and rappers, he's much more serious in tone in many of his songs without being overbearing which is refreshing.

Macklemore: Can't Hold Us

The second song is Troublemaker by Olly Murs. I'm not going to lie, I thought it was Maroon 5 when I first heard this song but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's a fun song and is a solid part of my study playlist now.

Olly Murs - Troublemaker

Enjoy :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Love in the Air

So.....hi there.....

It's been a while, eh? So what happened exactly? Well, with school starting up, I made a series of promises to myself. First, that I would try and get as much work done as possible ahead of time for classes, second, that I would do all my assigned readings, and third, I would go to the gym as frequently as possible, with an aim for 4x a week. Ever since the end of January happened and classes really kicked into high gear, I realized that Junior year was going to be rough work wise. Unfortunately, in order to keep up with everything, some others things ended up getting neglected, one of which was my blog. Nevertheless, I'm going to try and start writing more again, and that promise begins now.

So since I was last here, lots of stuff has happened. I'll break it down for you:

1. Classes: Classes as I mentioned have been revving up. These next two weeks are going to be rough as midterms start next week and I have papers and all sorts of assignments due this week. For the most part, its just been keeping up with the piles of cases I've had to read and also articles for other classes. My professors for the most part have been really cool. I especially love my business law professor and my other business class professors. One professor however, my anthropology professor, I haven't been so keen about. Her classes are literally all spent on discussion and her going on tangents about her own experiences with little time dedicated to actually teaching the material. As such, I've been left to try and figure things out on my own from the book which is not a style of learning that I do well with. I'm hoping that she spends time to actually review with us before the midterm. Maybe it's just me, but if I'm paying thousands to go to a school, I expect professors to put an effort in to actually teach the material.

2. The Roomies: Everything is going really well with the roomies. My roommate E's girlfriend visits every weekend which is really awesome since we all love her. For Valentine's Day she brought us four dozen cookies which was so awesome in addition to an ice luge and more Wii controllers. Otherwise, my other roommates C and A are also doing well. We're all pretty busy so we hang mostly late at night and on the weekends.
Ice Luge. We drink a lot in this house. I'm not going to lie.
3. Guys: The situation between Brandon and I have cooled a bit in the past few weeks. I think the fact that we don't live near each other (relatively) and that he works and I still go to school puts a hindrance on every being able to see each other. Also, the one time we almost did decide to hang out he bailed last minute which ended up pissing me off. We haven't spoken for almost a week now. I'm pretty sure that I know what he was looking for out of our "relationship" and while it worked over the summer, I think I'm looking for something more. Given that, there is another dude who is in the news. This is a guy who I've known since freshman year and always kinda liked and found attractive, but since he was a year ahead and had a boyfriend at the time I didn't really bother with. A few weeks ago that changed and we ended up chilling at his place after a party we were both at. We hung out a few times after that and come February 13th....

4. Valentine's Day: I asked him out to dinner for Valentine's Day. We ended up getting dinner near campus at an upscale burger place (we agreed that we didn't want something formal). It was cool and we talked a good bit at dinner. He's a senior from New England, about 5'10', blond, slim, and ran track. He's also involved somewhat with the theatre group I'm working with. He's a funny dude, a little awkward at times but otherwise fun to hang out with. He's been gone this weekend for a conference in Nashville but we've been talking every day which is nice and cute of him. At this point I don't know where things might be headed but the feelings are mutual. So who knows, it's a little scary but also pretty exciting.

5. Jobs/Internships: I've been searching and I have a few bookmarked but I haven't had time to start applying truly. I'm looking for marketing and PR style positions and I know I want to stay in the DC area this summer for sure. I'm definitely going to apply to the HRC once their application is released but otherwise, I'd be happy with any company right now. If anyone knows of some good companies to look for internships at, please let me know!

So that's what has been going on in a nutshell recently. It's been a lot of busy work with a some time to relax mixed in. My goal for this semester is to match my last semester sophomore year before I went abroad and get on the Dean's List again. It's an uphill battle but I have high hopes for the semester.

Also, I see I have a few new followers so a huge "hi" and "welcome"! Sorry I've been boring lately but I'll get some opinion pieces out there soon.

All the best,